Dark Squirrel 2009 - VS2008 fonts 'n colours

by Pezi 8. August 2009 01:55

This is "Dark Squirrel" in its current state!  Many updates since my last "release" (lol)  including colours for XAML (yes - where squirrels meet camels!), and many matrix-style updated colours/fonts on dockable windows.


The attached archive is my font and colour settings for VS2008, and the font that I use called Dina, which can be found at http://www.proggyfonts.com





XML / Config



I must admit I have no idea what CSS looks like, but that's ok because you won't be looking at CSS will you? :)  Javascript is done as well, C++ also looks good.  As does VB.NET - but you won't that using that either, right? :)

Comments / suggestions welcome!

dark_squirrel_2009.zip (15.82 kb)


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Ex-raving sheep

by Pezi 24. July 2009 05:19

a rubbish flocking algorithm, was a quick test for the site!