No-Frills LII

by Pezi 7. April 2010 06:25

LII is an entity that knows nothing to start with, but learns about how to form sentences as you talk to it.  This can lead to highly amusing covnersations, that become eerily more human-like the more you teach it.  Have a play!

LII will ignore some punctuation for the time being. Try to make sure you spell stuff correctly otherwise it will think you are using new words.

(disclaimer: I knocked the Silveright console together in 10 minutes, and no it is not pretty, I will tart it up a bit later!)


(type in this bottom box and press enter after each sentence)

Dark Squirrel 2009 - VS2008 fonts 'n colours

by Pezi 8. August 2009 01:55

This is "Dark Squirrel" in its current state!  Many updates since my last "release" (lol)  including colours for XAML (yes - where squirrels meet camels!), and many matrix-style updated colours/fonts on dockable windows.


The attached archive is my font and colour settings for VS2008, and the font that I use called Dina, which can be found at





XML / Config



I must admit I have no idea what CSS looks like, but that's ok because you won't be looking at CSS will you? :)  Javascript is done as well, C++ also looks good.  As does VB.NET - but you won't that using that either, right? :)

Comments / suggestions welcome! (15.82 kb)


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